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Phone System Repair & Service in Orange County, Riverside CA. Telephone sy


 Toshiba Phone System Repair, Toshiba Voicemail Repair, Phone System Repair,  in  Riverside, Orange County California 

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About Us

About Us


We have 30 years of experience in the Telecommunications industry. Specializing in Toshiba Phone System Repair as well as NEC DSX and   Pansonic DBS Phone System Repair, installation, Upgrades and Service

We can assist you with keeping your existing system in excellent working order and help you to expand when the time comes.

Products We Support


  • Toshiba Phone System 
  • Toshiba Voicemail Repair 
  • Toshiba DK 280/424 Power Supply 
  • Panasonic DBS
  • LAN Networking
  • Security Cameras

Why Choose Computrak Technology ?


It's important to People to have a telecom service company that they can trust. Not someone that is always looking to up sell them to the next up and coming technology that comes along. As a Telecom Company we are not against Voip phone services but they have a time and place. We know that Voip is not for everyone. 

Toshiba Voicemail Repairs

Don't Wait Until It's Too Late !

iES32 Release 1 Converted to Flash Memory

For those of you who have a Stratagy iES32 Voicemail and it is still running on a Harddrive I would say that you are lucky that it is still running and I would also say that it is running on borrowed time. Don't wait until it completely fails because then it is too late to recover the license file. We upgrade and repair the Stratagy iES, IVP8 and Stratagy DK Voicemail cards. On an iES the CPU fan and Bios battery get replaced. On all voicemails they come with the imaged card on the Unit. Voicemails will all be loaded with a Factory Image, Licensed and Tested to assure Complete Functionality.

Surveillance Camera Sales and Service

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Computrak Technology Business Phone System Repair in Orange, California

Toshiba Phone System Repair - NEC DSX - Panasonic DBS  - Security Cameras - Data Networking  - Toshiba Voicemail Repair - ActiveVoice - Phone Repair - Telephone Repair 

Computrak Technology Business Phone System Repair

Orange, California, United States

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